You Should Know

We are a small batch artisan company. Which means when you purchase one of our products you can expect to enjoy something that was made recently locally by someone who gives a dang.

We believe in the power of nature. In the essence of flowers and herbs, the composition of natural and organic ingredients come together in a synergy that nurtures mind, body, and spirit.

Organic botanical body care products, is what we are about. We put our creativity to play for the well being of all. Using all natural and organic ingredients, our creations are made mindfully and with passion.

We are here to build community and welcome everyone to join. Inviting you to be caring, kind and generous to our community. A strong community with people of all different cultures and lifestyles.

We are here to heal and learn from one another. I want to know what ails you because I want to help you.  We are into genuine interactions of all kinds. Reciprocity of providing quality goods to people seeking relief and peace and quality of life.

So take a moment, breathe deep, and experience the healing power that nature provides; in our creations, in your life, and in the renewing world just outside.

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